The Nats Won’t be Quiet Forever

The Nats needs haven’t changed since the season ended and yet they’ve been silent since that day. Sure they’ve traded Ross Detwiler and added a couple of minor league free agents but those aren’t moves that effect the major league roster. The Nats have a 25 man roster that could win them 90+ games even with Danny Espinosa starting at second base and Tyler Moore as the main right handed option off the bench. The pitching staff is one of the best in baseball and a productive Bryce Harper and Ryan Zimmerman playing closer to the 140 games he normally does is going to make a bigger difference than the loss of Adam LaRoche and a few bench players.

A fourth winning season can be achieved with no moves at all and all the rumors about the Nats are of them trying to trade expiring contracts in order to acquire players with more years of control. The Mets and Marlins are both teams on the rise but are still missing enough pieces that a lot would have to break right for them to contend in the NL East in 2015 and the Braves have spent the off-season shooting themselves in the foot. The Washington Nationals don’t need their strongest team on the field to win the NL East.

All this has been stated before as has my belief that the best way to win the World Series is to be in the playoffs season after season after season, and the easiest road to achieving that goal may lie in a trade of one or more of the expiring contracts. The Nationals value those players highly and have repeatedly asked for top 20 prospects to move them. That is the price and as of yet no one has been willing to meet it. Not much has changed since the final day of the season, but that won’t be the case forever and as more free agents come off the board and other players are fill the gaps on different teams perhaps then another team that has been quiet but lacks a roster that can win 90+ games as is will come calling to Mike Rizzo willing to pay his price, but until that time comes the Nats are going to wait for the market to come to them.

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