2014 Citizens of Natstown Extra Life Rewards

Hi everyone. Our 2014 Extra Life event is a mere 48 hours away and we’re already closing in on 10% of our goal. Matt, David, and myself will kick off Extra Life at 8am Saturday morning and at some point during the afternoon a wild Sean Hogan will appear. We’ll be playing games all day and are 100% open to any suggestions of what we should play next. (We’ll have a list of all the games we have to make choosing simple). We’ll also have a livestream through Twitch for most of the proceedings (Google Hangout OnAir for anything on the WiiU), as well as a chat so you can chime in throughout the day.

To help make this even more of a win/win for those who donate we’ll be raffling off Nats swag and bobbleheads as we reach milestones in our quest to raise $1,000 or more for Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, DC. All you have to do be eligible is donate! After that you’ll be eligible for every raffle until you win!

Note: If you wish to be eligible for the raffle, please do not place your donation as anonymous. 

Click here for more information about Extra Life.

Now, on to the rewards. Each item will be raffled off to a random donor once we have broken the respective price tier. Should the tier be broken prior to Saturday; we will wait until Saturday to announce the winner of the item.

$100: Ignite Your Natitude T-Shirt

Ignite Your Natitude Shirt

$200: Red/White Nats Cap

Red:White Cap


$250: Red/Blue Nats Cap

Blue:Red Cap


$350: Playoff Natitude Rally Towel

Playoff Natitude Rally Towel


$500: Nats Park Inaugural Game Rally Towel

Inaugural Game Towel


$600: Nats Mr. Potatohead

Nats Potatohead


$700: Danny Espinosa Bobblehead

Espi Bobblehead


$800: Nyjer Morgan Bobblehead

Nyjer Bobblehead


$900: Davey Johnson Manager of the Year Bobblehead

Davey Bobblehead


$1,000: Teddy Roosevelt Racing President Bobblehead

Teddy Bobblehead


$1,250: Pudge Rodriguez Bobblehead

Pudge Bobblehead


$1,500: Michael Morse Bobblehead

Mikey Mo Bobblehead


$1,750: 2014 Ryan Zimmerman Bobblehead

2014 Zim Bobblehead


$2,000: Adam Dunn/Frank Howard Dual ‘Natstown’ Bobbleheads

Dunn Howard Dual Bobblehead

There you have it folks. Our goal is $1,000 but I would absolutely love to double that and be able to give away the two-piece bobblehead to an awesome Nats fan. We’ll see you all on Saturday morning!

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