Johnny Holliday and Ray Knight Discuss The Navy Yard Shooting (Transcript)

Here is a transcript below of their conversation from Nats Extra pregame show.  Similar to 9/11, there thoughts and comments are all heartfelt.


One year ago this morning the tragedy took place at the Navy Yard.  Neighbors of the Washington Nationals just a couple blocks away.  Innocent people lost their lives.  Injuries… 3 seriously injured.. and the thoughts and memories we have of that day will never go away.  The Lerner family, Mike Rizzo, the players, coaches, the staff—everybody—did everything they could to kind of put their arms around our neighbors from the Navy Yard and show their support.  This morning there was a memorial service with about 2000 people at the Navy Yard, Ray, and I were there.  I cannot imagine what had gone through the families minds and the families that were affected by this absolutely terrible tragedy.


Senseless- senseless taking of innocent lives and you’re so right Johnny about neighbors and you know just the feeling that we’re all in this together.  Whatever it is that’s negative comes our way and sometimes it is ugly but we do rally around each other and the Nationals were there.  I was reading a story about a lady who was waiting to hear—on the Red Porch—about her husband and unfortunately he was one of the ones that perished there.  There were several of those victims family members there at the red porch provided by the Nationals.  It was all just a natural thing to do.  So today we just thank god for America and friends and family and neighbors.  It is just mindless, senseless things that happen that we have to recover from and hopefully learn and get stronger from it.


Next time you stop at Nationals Park right next to our set is a memorial set up—a beautiful plaque—so maybe you can stop and reflect for just a moment about those who lost their loved ones in the Navy Yard shootings one year ago today.

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