Ray Knight & Matt Williams Open The Broadcast Reflecting On Baseball And 9/11

Here are their quotes below about baseball and 9/11 from the beginning of tonight’s Nationals broadcast.  Hopefully this transcript does both of them justice as they were speaking from the heart.

Ray Knight​- after the intro to the broadcast about the role of baseball. 
Well it does take a sidestep, but its also been a big healing for a lot of people.  Last night a gentleman came out on the set– talked about [how] he’s a New York fireman and [had] 9 years of therapy.  So many lives ​were made better by the fact that they were able to talk about baseball.  The fathers that were deceased had talked to their 5-6 year old sons that are now 18-19 years old about baseball and [who now] play baseball.  So we have to remember that that it is a healing thing.  A sobering day.  Something that we all just have a heavy heart when you think about all the events and all the people that lost families.

Matt Williams-  on playing in the 2001 World Series at Yankee Stadium for the Diamondbacks.
I was one of the fortunate guys to be able to play in the World Series that year and standing on the field and having the President throw out the first pitch during that World Series put it into context for us that baseball really didn’t mean that much in the grand scheme of it all.  We were a part of it and probably a healing part of it from a baseball industry perspective- because it was baseball season at the time- but you know we’re honored to stand on the field tonight and remember those who paid the ultimate price and [those] who continue to live with it everyday.  [It] Happened in this city and there’s no city that could’ve rebounded better than this one with a tragedy such as that.  We’re proud to be part of it and try to respect everybody involved and do our best to help celebrate those who paid it. 

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