Game 143- The One Where The Nats Were Losing by Enough to Pitch Soriano


The Nationals lost the final game of their series with the Braves yesterday afternoon by a score of 6-2.  The Nats won the series 2-1 though and have an 8 game lead in the N.L. East with 19 games to play.  The Nats were playing in their Patriotic Series blue uniforms yesterday as It was “Heroes Day” at Nats Park.  “Heroes Day,” which was kicked off with the Navy Parachute Team landing in the stadium, recognizes “our nation’s members of the military and first responders who put their lives on the line every day to protect our freedom.”  Thanks, Heroes.  Now, go watch Jerry Blevins, Ryan Mattheus, and Rafael Soriano all pitch.  [Immediately re-enlists]

Batters sometimes have a tough time with the late afternoon games at Nats Park due to the position of the sun.  That was illustrated beautifully yesterday by FP Santangelo in the above screenshot that he drew for his 2nd grade class.

While FP was drawing, Bob Carpenter, who clearly was also watching Star Wars for the first time, seemed to be justifying and recapping the destruction of Tatooine by the Death Star:

Keep on reading for Laroche’s hunting techniques, Ray Knight rebuffing your proposal, Carp being a good wingman, and more.  As always, if you have any ideas for things to include, please shoot me a message on twitter @fitnessmcdaniel.

Yesterday’s pitching match up featured Stephen Strasburg, who had been unbeaten in his previous 5 starts with a 2.20 ERA in that span, going up against Aaron Harang, who you saw on that 3AM episode of COPS you were watching last night.

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 11.03.49 AM

Harang got the better of the Nats.  He only gave up 1 run over 7 innings and recorded 9 strikeouts.  One player he wasn’t able to get out, though, was Kevin Fransden.  Fransden, who was starting in place of Anthony Rendon getting the night off (I feel like the Nats never win when Rendon is not playing), went 3-3 off of Harang.  He also made this nifty play in the field:

Although Fransden had 3 hits, Bryce Harper’s solo home run in the 9th, is the sole Nats batting highlight.  He absolutely gets a hold of this pitch:

By the way does Laroche hunt deer by having someone throw him off speed pitches in the woods?:

Even though Carpenter really spiked the football re: Tatooine, he is a good bro deep down.  Just look at him playing wingman for Ray Knight:

Speaking of Ray Knight, he is undoubtedly rejecting your offer here:

Finally, looks like Strasburg gave a good #YEAHBABY to Fransden after his fielding play last night.  This seems to be something that the players are doing on their own and that makes it awesome.  Can we please let the players have this for themselves, FP?  No need to insert yourself into this.  The world already has a Jimmy Carter.

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