Game 142- The One Where The Nats Invent A New Catchphrase

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 10.09.00 AM

Before we dive in here a quick note… If you like Ray Knight, and joy, and laughing, and seeing the lighter side of a Nats game, then stay here.  If you are cynical and angry and want to read the ramblings of a lunatic then go to the other story I wrote today about #YEAHBABY.  You’re more than welcome to do both. 

Another great win for the Nats last night, defeating the Braves 6-4 and extending their division lead to 9 games.  This is the largest division lead that the Nats have ever had in their history and it also secured their third straight winning season.

There’s a lot of good stuff to cover here. I’ll show you all the hits from the Nats explosive 4 run first inning in just 5 seconds; some terrible math by FP and Bob; a couple nonchalant EMS guys; some more good Bob/FP quotes; another fantastic fist pump; why everyone was terrified about Desmond possibly being hurt; and of course, Ray Knight x2.

I do want to note that Bob and FP (and the rest of MASN) did a fantastic job last night in the 9th inning.  Bob and FP both were virtually silent and let the crowd noise do the speaking for them.  It was very cool and great announcing.  Also, MASN had some new shots of the stadium that they wove in that looked very pretty as well.

Let’s dive in.  First, in this feature’s potentially only tribute to Joan Rivers, let’s take a look at this fashion faux pas below.

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 10.20.31 AM

No, not MASN’s Dan Kolko (who I feel like frantically calls his Dad before a broadcast to borrow a suit), but the sneakers and suit behind him.  I’m not here to rip on him though (sorry, Joan).  It was probably just an honest mistake in the morning.

How about that first inning for the Nats?  It seems they are making a living of getting on the board in the 1st.  They scored 4 runs on 5 hits and 1 walk.  The only outs in the inning (aside from J Zimm) were sacrifices.  Keep the line movin’! Here are all the at-bats (sans J Zimm) below:

Heading into last night’s game the Nats magic number to clinch the division was 12.  Let’s let FP and Carp talk about why 12 is a special number in October and then we’ll see if they can come up with three numbers that equal 12.

Couple of pretty chill EMS workers who just watch a ball get hit 350 feet at them and barely react.

Wait, so does this mean that Bob uses hats as oven mitts?

Jose Lobaton had a great fist pump two days ago but Wilson Ramos brings it here as well.  The below clip comes at the end of a terrific 8th inning.  Matt Williams, potential NL Manager of the Year, pushes all the right buttons in this inning to keep the Braves from pushing across a 5th run and making it a 1 run game.  Aaron Barrett gets the first out of the inning (after getting 3 outs in the 7th!), followed by Det getting a strikeout and finally, Stammen getting the strikeout below.  Great crowd energy too:

Ian Desmond apparently tweaked his back.  It is nothing serious.  That sound you just heard?  That was the collective exhaling of Nats fans everywhere.  Why?  Well because his replacement (before Zimm comes back and there can be some shifting around) is Danny Espinosa, who was last seen with Soriano trying to wash your windshield at the stop light under the overpass.  Seriously, I think the Nats make Espinosa throw bullpen sessions every day just as an excuse to not play him.  Anyway, yesterday was his big day.  He gets to come in the game and show everyone what he can do!  Here he is on the very first batter…

😦   He did hit a double though, which was awesome.

The Nats play an afternoon game today at 4pm.  They are having Navy parachuters land on the field.  I can’t wait for the MASN reaction to that.

Finally, a couple of Ray Knight items.  The first is self-explanatory.  I feel like they have a lot more in common than I would ever give them credit for:

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 11.26.42 AM

The second is why he is the greatest.  He picks the best words to stumble on:

If you see or hear anything regarding the Nats that you think would be a good fit feel free to send it my way on Twitter at @fitnessmcdaniel.

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