A Brief History of #YEAHBABY…

…because I’m going to buy the T-Shirt anyway.

Quick note: If you like Ray Knight, and joy, and laughing, and seeing the lighter side of a Nats game, then head on over to the Game 142 recap.  If you are cynical and angry and want to read the ramblings of a lunatic then you’re in the right place.  Of course, you’re welcome to read both. 

The Nationals recently upped the ante on their ‘N-A-T-S NATS NATS NATS WOO!’ chant by painting it into the back of its originating section.  The Sports Bog does a good recap of the history of that chant here. This is all well and good.  What about the newest Nats ‘catchphrase’ though?  Now, I’m (hopefully) not going to get all cynical and dark with the #YEAHBABY hashtag that started yesterday.  I want to like it.  I think it is cool (disclaimer: I am not in any way an authority on cool).  I just want it to grow on its own– like the above chant– rather than have it be a “Here is a catch all phrase we can print on everything now that we’re almost definitely going to the playoffs that defines the team.” I’ll just provide the history of it below but long story short, I believe the Nationals REALLY want this phrase to be coined and stick around.

For those not aware, two nights ago, when Matt Williams went out to the mound to see if Fister could finish the 7th inning, Fister responded with “YEAH BABY.”

It was and is a pretty boss response.  Especially since he got the out.  Is it worthy of a catchphrase / rallying cry?  That is not for me to decide.  But, I fear no one will actually get to make that decision because it looks like it is being thrust upon us.

– It all started with this tweet at 8:47am, Tuesday…

@dougfister58 response to Matt Williams last night, “Yeah baby”, HAS to be the motto the rest of the way! #YeahBaby #Nats #12

— F.P. Santangelo (@FightinHydrant) September 9, 2014

Then, the Sports Bog runs a story about “Yeah Baby” that features the above tweet.  The hashtag “YeahBaby” starts to pop up around twitter a bit more throughout the day.


– In the opening sequence of last night’s Nats game FP says, “You have to feel like that’s the motto, the mantra, the rest of the year.” Carp added, “If ‘humm baby’ can work years ago in San Francisco, why not “yeah baby” here.”  (Hmmm that may be the FP connection for why he is pushing for this so hard?)

– In the bottom of the first FP says, “I imagine there’s a few ‘yeah baby’ signs in the house tonight.” (FORESHADOWING- there was only one sign, and it was in the perfect place for the camera’s to catch it at the appropriate times)

– In the top of the 4th FP adds, “For me that’s the rally cry the rest of the year, “yeah baby” and I’m all in.”

– The ‘Yeah Baby’ sign makes its first appearance on MASN in the top of the 8th.  It is positioned in fantastic seats behind the home dugout.  There are 2 pitching changes in the 8th inning.  Both of those changes they show the pitcher walking back to the dugout and the sign placed almost perfectly above them.  FP utters, “Yeah baby” in both shots.

– With 2 outs in the top of the 9th the sign appears again.

– In the first post-game shot MASN cuts to the sign.  Johnny Holliday says, “Yeah, yeah baby, yeah baby is correct.”  Ray Knight then adds, “yes sir.” (LOLOL)

– Yeah Baby sign is shown again by the postgame camera shots.

I’ve lost my mind on this, I get it.  Everyone should draw their own conclusions but I think the broadcast last night shows they are trying very hard to make sure it is in the front of our minds.  Maybe the Nats will discount the Yeah Baby t-shirts with a NATSPLUS membership?

ALSO… the Nats players may actually be saying “Yeah Baby” to each other all the time, which would make this pretty awesome.  On Sunday, Aaron Barrett and Asdrubal Cabrera said it to each other after turning a huge double play to preserve a 1 run lead in the 7th:

The Nats marketing department was off that day I suppose (or maybe they were busy laundering their COWBOY UP 2004 Red Sox shirts).   Agree? Disagree? Don’t Care? Feel free to message me on Twitter @fitnessmcdaniel.

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