The Improvement of the Nats Bullpen and Anthony Rendon for MVP

Today is an interesting day in the world of Citizens of Natstown. Both James O’Hara and I wrote posts and neither are on this site. So I’ve made the decision to change that and provide you a link to both of them. This is probably a waste of time as we’ve all tweeted out the link before but if you’re a person with a computer or smart phone but not Twitter then you’re one in a million or something.

I’m kind of hungry and want to go eat lunch so here are the links.

First up James O’Hara pointing out using Fancy Stats that the Washington Nationals bullpen of 2014 has been around 3.0 wins better than the 2013 bullpen and is an underrated part of the Nats success this season.

And here is my post on why the crazy MVP voters won’t vote for the deserving NL candidates of Clayton Kershaw and Giancarlo Stanton and how Anthony Rendon is just as good as any of the other players in the NL.

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