Natstown Forecast Outlook for the Week of February 10, 2014

Nationals Weather Service Forecast Outlook

Valid 2/10/14

Locations: Viera, Florida and the Washington DC Metro Area

Forecast Audio

As we get 2014 started up, I first want to tip my cap to Citizens of Natstown and Red Porch Report in helping get these forecasts out. It’s a shared idea for all of us to make sure you are weather aware before games so you can be safe, so I appreciate their help with this.

Now on to weather, Natstown is split in two until the season starts. So first we will look at Viera, earlier in the week things looked wet but nice for the 13th as pitchers and catchers report. Now, it’s looking cooler and dryer as a system will have moved over the area Wednesday night. Highs in the mid to upper 60s with partly cloudy skies. Updates will follow as needed for this, but things are looking good as spring training kicks off.

Meanwhile here at home, Wednesday evening into Thursday looks to be a dicey time as snow and more cold invade. I won’t waste time talking about that in full detail here, but it is something we are watching closely. The audio on this post details a little, but I encourage checking out my other forecasting page, Maryland Weather Center, and following me on Twitter for more information.

About Josh Owens

I am a college student majoring in communications with a passion for sports and weather. I manage Maryland Weather Center and Nationals Weather Service, along with contributing forecasts to Red Porch Report and Citizens of NatsTown.

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