Game #64 Recap: Ohlendorf to the Rescue!

For his first game with
the Nationals, Ross Ohlendorf went six innings allowed only one run, two hits,
walked two and struck out two, as the Nationals kept their bats going in a 5-1
victory over the Colorado Rockies.

Desmond had a great day at the plate and on the field. After a jaw-dropping
diving catch at the bottom of the third, Desmond hit an RBI single in the fourth
batting in Ryan Zimmerman and putting the Nats on the board 1-0.

In the top of the sixth
with two outs, Jeff Kobernus walked followed by Ryan Zimmerman who then hit a
double and batted Kobernus in. Rockies then retired LHP Jorge De La Rosa and
brought in Adam Ottavino. After a ground-out from Jayson Werth(who went 0-5
with a strike out) Ottavino intentionally walked Adam LaRoche. That move proved
fatal to the Rockies as Desmond singled and batted in both Zimmerman and
LaRoche, extending the Nats lead to 4-0.

Ohlendorf seemed to be
in trouble in the sixth. With one out he walked Dexter Fowler. In a fielder’s
choice Fowler was thrown out at second and Jonathan Herrera took first. Carlos
Gonzalez got the Rockies their only run of the game by batting in Herrara on a
triple. Troy Tulowitzki flied out to center fielder Denard Span ending the

Ian Krol relieved in the
seventh with two strike outs in a fantastic 1-2-3 inning. A pair of doubles
from LaRoche and Anthony Rendon in the eighth gave the Nats 5 runs total and an
RBI for Rendon. Tyler Clippard relieved in the eighth largely carried by Zimmerman’s
defense. Ryan Zimmerman caught a foul ball that almost landed him in the third
base dugout from LeMahieu. He then assisted then next two outs at first base.

Top of the ninth, Span
walked, Bernadina hit into a double play. Zimmerman walked, but then Werth
grounded out to end the half. Rafael Soriano came in to close and did so
effectively. He allowed only a single from Herrera, struck out Carlos Gonzalez,
Tulowitzki flied out to center again, and then struck out Todd Helton to end
the game.

Kobernus got the bats rolling with a single in the first on one out only to be
caught stealing on the same pitch that struck Ryan Zimmerman, giving the
Rockies a 1-2-3 inning with overzealous baserunning. Two other less than savory
base running attempts occurred with Jhonatan Solano getting stuck in a pickle
between second in third at the top of the third inning and Ian Desmond was
caught stealing to end the fourth.

as notable as Ohlendorf’s solid performance is his old-fashioned, almost
comical, wind-up. In large, swooping motions, he leans forward, brings his
hands together while leaning back and comes forward and delivers. Ross
Ohlendorf was  signed as a free agent this offseason. He’s played at AAA in Syracuse where he had a 4.27 ERA in 12 starts.
Ohlendorf’s Major League debut was in 2007 for the New York Yankees. Since then
he has also played for the Pittsburgh Pirates and more recently the San Diego Padres.

One comment

  1. I use to wind of like Ohlendorf…haha. Almost everyone did who pitched baeball in the sixties… is pretty comical to see now days.


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