Citizens of Natstown Podcast Episode 42: It’s Spring Training for Podcasters too

The guys are back to the weekly schedule to talk the most up to date information on Gio Gonzalez, the best team in baseball, “World Series or Bust”, The Phillies, a load of questions from listeners, and much more!

Podcast - Citizens of Natstown

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  1. Speaking of wasting a roste spot…I’ve gotten crap on twitter in the past for saying that the 2nd (or backup) catcher is the least utilized spot on most team’s 25 man roster. So many teams behave like that’s a bullpen catcher who sits and wait for the starter to get hurt, but then you start him 1-2 times a week. IMO an easy fWAR is carrying a pair of quality catchers and splitting their starts 3 and 4 a week (especially helps if one is a lefty) and then PH the non-starter as often as possible if you have a emergency catcher (NOT a real catcher, just anyone who can strap on the pads for 1-2 innings if one guy goes down after the other has PH). A backup catcher now gets about 7-8 sucky PAs a week, but if you make them equals and PH the non-starter you cat get them each 15-20 ABs a week.


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