I’ll Be Gone..




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So, today the Nationals did something we all
saw coming. They Traded Michael Morse in a 3 team deal between the Oakland A’s,
the Seattle Mariners, and the Washington Nationals. The Nationals’ needs were
obvious and just about anyone who had an opinion on baseball knew what Michael
Morse was going to be traded for. In a somewhat unexpected development, the
Nationals had A.J. Cole returned to them in the trade, along with Blake Treinen
and a player to be named later. It was a good deal for the Nationals, but Morse
had the infamous label of “fan favorite” at the time the trade
occurred. That leaves some people in a weird situation, so what does this mean
to the fans of the Nationals?

I’ll break it down like this;
should you feel a bit sad that Michael Morse was traded? Sure, why not? Morse
was one of the most personable players on the Nationals. He endeared himself to
the fans in so many ways. His personality made the fans like him as a person.
The perfect example being his at bat song. Take On Me is a catchy song, but it
was different because Morse is an 80’s music junky. It said a lot about him and
the fans showed there support with a supportive serenade every time he walked
to the batters box on a warm summer night in Washington D.C. Fans also know
Morse for his “Beast” nickname, stemming from a shirt he was wearing
that said “BEAST MODE” while being interviewed in 2011. His breakout
season in 2011 built on the beast mode reputation he began to establish and it
was quickly part of his identity. Personally, I loved his taste in cars. He had
posted a few pictures of his classic Camaro that he had restored this summer
and into the fall. It is a beautiful car, the fact that he has it and seems to
enjoy it so much tells me he is a man of great taste and value. These are just
a sample of things that make Morse such an awesome guy. Having said that, why
shouldn’t you be bummed that he has left the organization? Being bummed and
being angry are two different things, though. Don’t be angry about Morse being
traded, there is no reason to be. He went to a team in the Pacific Northwest,
meaning the Nationals will play very few games against them so the amount of
times you will have to cheer against Morse are minimal. I for one can say with
all honesty that Morse will still have a fan in me throughout his Major League

that I am in fact bummed about Morse leaving D.C., I want to say that he helped
to give some of the best memories in Nationals baseball. He gave his all and he
truly gave his best to the Nationals right to the very moment he left. Morse
came to the Nationals as a nobody, not one person blinked when the Nationals
traded for him. He was brought to a big league club that was horrible, the 2009
Washington Nationals. Remember that crud fest? Oy. Anyway, though he is not a
great defensive player, his impact was immediately noticeable. He came off the
bench to kill baseballs, beginning to show signs of his power at the plate.
2010 saw him in a part time role, where he grew even more. By 2011, Morse was a
full time player, hitting a career high 31 home runs to polish off a fantastic
2011 season. It was so much fun. Morse’s 2012 was pretty good when he was
healthy, can’t fault him too much for having a lat strain to start the season
and when he came back he was a force to be reckoned with. He helped the team,
he made the team better. However, when LaRoche resigned Morse became a
redundancy for the Nationals. Regardless, he was still able to help the team.
All his hard work helped the Nationals land some solid prospects, making the
Nationals deep, powerful, and a team to be feared. Yes, even as Morse is
leaving the Nationals he finds away to help make the whole team better. There
is now less concern about pitching depth in the organization, something the
Nationals lost a bit of in the 2012-2013 offseason. Then, as if he owed the
fans of D.C. anything at all, he thanked the fans of D.C. for the love and
opportunity, the Nationals organization for making him who he is, and Mike
Rizzo and the Lerners for letting him play in Washington. What a guy. No, I’m
not angry he was traded, I’m happy he still gets to play baseball and be awesome.

Morse was a lot of fun to have on the Nationals. Today, he said
he was 50-50 on whether or not he’d use Take On Me in Seattle because he felt
it was something he shared with the fans of D.C. I’ll tell you, that I hope he
doesn’t. Every time I hear that song, I hear the chorus of fans in early
October, I see the smile Morse couldn’t pretend to fight back, I smell the air
on a cool fall night when the Nationals accomplished something they never had
in their brief history. What I do hope for, is that if Morse returns to D.C.,
be it as an opposing player or anything else, the song blares over the P.A.
system again. It is a bummer to see Morse go, but he gave us in Washington too
many great memories to be angry about it.