The Washington Nationals Top Ten Prospects According to Baseball America

Aaron Fitt of Baseball America has his list of the Washington Nationals top ten prospects up and the top three should be no surprise. Anthony Rendon tops the list with Lucas Giolito and Brian Goodwin following. All three of them have high upside and a chance to be stars in the majors. Rendon will likely be the first to arrive if the Nationals have a spot for him. The list is an interesting collection of players and the article that accompanies it is a good read. Instead of me telling you anymore about it read it yourself. 

One comment

  1. I've gone off on them on twitter (and their response was pretty lame) about having a '16 projected OF line-up of Harper, Span and Goodwin with Werth make $21M to either sit or magically dissapear (one would obviously assume he'd be traded to the Contract graveyard that is the LA Dodgers).I can totally see Goodwin replacing Span, but to have both projected in '16 is beyond stupid, and makes me doubt the usefullness of the remainder of their analysis.


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