WMATA Clarification Email

After posting the editor’s note on the previous post, the Citizens and I decided that the best way to clear up exactly how the WMATA late closing system works is to post the email verbatim. Here it is:

Hi TJ-

I just wanted to clarify something about your recent post on Citizens of Natstown.  The $29,500 deposit is not required for each game — it’s only required to have the agreement and deposit in place in the event it is needed. 

Here’s an example of how it works with the Caps.  They put in place an agreement and a deposit at the start of the playoffs.  If they don’t need a late closing for the first 2 games, the deposit and agreement simply rolls over to the next game.  If they use it for the 5th game of a series, then they need to put a new deposit in place for Game 6.  

Let me know if you have any questions.



Dan Stessel

Director, Communications & Chief Spokesperson

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority 

One comment

  1. My only caveat here is a tiny one. (And I didn't think of it, but a fabulous twitter follower pointed this out) If this was leaked as part of an ongoing negotiation between the Nationals and WMATA, then the whole hoopla IS a bit of poor form. If you're the Nats and a business and you can leverage yourself into a better position, then you should go for it. This type of negotiation probably happens a lot, all the time, and we don't necessarily see it. In essence, you "can't blame them for asking."That said, I don't know how much they were planning to get out of asking WMATA, and at this point with it blown wide open, the only recourse to save face seems to be to pony up.


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